Private clients

After a thorough understanding of each client’s personal situation, needs and objectives, the priority of our private bankers is to evaluate and propose the most appropriate and adequate investment services and solutions.

As we nurture a culture of privileged relationships with our clients, we attract a strong and renewed interest from a new generation of clients. Extremely well-informed and demanding, they discover the advantages of a bank that is totally dedicated to its clientele and that brings together the best of the well-known Swiss banking tradition with the most innovative solutions and services.

Our reputation is built on the satisfaction of our clients, who particularly value the atmosphere of expertise, commitment, harmony, proximity and security innate to our Bank for more than 35 years.

The bank offers 3 different types of services: Advisory, Discretionary and Execution Only.

Advisory Solutions

With advisory management, clients regularly receive investment ideas in line with their risk appetite and objectives. They can also consult at any time our investment specialists for any requests they may have on any asset class.

The open architecture platform of the Bank provides most of the investment products accessible currently.


Discretionary Management

Our Bank offers Discretionary Management services to its customers who do not wish to devote a significant part of their time to managing their assets.

Following the investment guidelines given by our clients, we will ensure an optimal management of the assets entrusted to it, in accordance with an appropriate management mandate.


Execution Only

For clients who want total independence in decision making without the support of the bank’s sound advice about the merits or risks of the investments or their suitability, we offer the Execution Only solutions.

Only the advisory and discretionary offering allow the access to the bank’s full range of products and services.

Market Intelligence

Through our financial and investment expertise, we provide our clients with information on markets that we believe are important to them. Our views are not only based on fundamentals but take also into account specific macro- and mico-economic trends and technical analysis.

Credit Facilities

Granted against a liquid pledge collateral, Lombard credit loans allow our clients to obtain additional capital. Available in any major currency, the amount granted depends on the type of securities and portfolio diversification. With the leverage effect, Lombards can maximize the return on a securities portfolio.


Our trading desk provides the Bank’s clients with timely and efficient access to all instruments which may fit their profile and requirements, from fiduciary deposits to forex, precious metals, options, funds, derivatives trading, fixed income and equity trading.

For those who are more risk-oriented, they can also advise them on the derivatives market, all backed up by the most up-to-date electronic and data processing facilities.


To create a portfolio of securities or manage an existing one, our Execution Team will deal our clients’ orders thanks to our international network of experienced brokers in the major financial centres.

With the backing of in-depth analysis performed by our Investment Team, we are able to identify and propose to each customer Investment Funds which best meet his requirements in terms of liquidity, yield, security or growth, in conformity with his personal objectives.

We not only manage wealth,
we help create it